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What does YOUR business card say about you?

Often the first contact you have with potential customers is through your business card.  Sending the correct message will help sell your service or product.  Use these easy tips to help create the best business card possible.

1 - Make it easy to read.  All copy should be large enough to be easily read and in a font that is not too trendy. Don’t mix fonts.  Keep copy short and to the point.
2 - Use white space to balance your card.
3 - Make sure your logo looks good reduced in size to fit on a business card.  Also, if your logo is more than one color - does it work in one color?
4 - Use color wisely.  Spot color can be effect if used correctly.  Use appropriate colors to represent your business.  Although purple might be your favorite color, it may not represent your business.
5 - Upper/lowercase words are easier to read.  Printing in all capital letters looks unprofessional.
6 - Homemade cards look  . . .  homemade.  Invest in a quality business card, designed by a professional.  Business cards are generally the least expensive way to promote your business.  A well designed, nicely printed  business card makes you look professional and ready to do business.